Dog Daycare

Daycare Services

Whether its time to relax after a long walk, all day while Mom and Dad are at work or just for a few hours to socialize with friends, we also provide daycare service.

Your dog will spend the day at home with us in our home and fully secured two acre yard with a very limited number of dogs to ensure the very best care and attention. They are supervised, pampered and loved just like our own dogs! For those who are able, our daycare rate also includes an off-leash hike in a variety of off-leash parks in the Lower Mainland. We work with your dog to establish excellent trust and recall before taking them off-leash and closely supervise them to ensure good doggy manners at all times, using only positive reinforcement and the very best liver treats! And you’ll get lots of photos of your dog romping around at the park or relaxing on a blanket at home….

Our daycare rate is $45.00 per day.

We’re sorry, we are unable to accept unspayed or unneutered dogs over the age of nine months.